Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our Mission is simple: Help people’s wellness, comfort, and quality of life by providing custom made and tailored orthotics and arch supports that provide the best and most accurate fit and top quality product while providing the best customer care around. We do so by providing extensively trained and customer-focused experts who can identify the source of your foot pain and foot-related problems and use the many years of experience and training to fit your unique feet with the right combination of properly sized and selected shoes, custom made orthotics and arch supports and if needed, custom shoe modifications.

By offering you a free “needs evaluation” we are able to provide you solutions that are tailored made to your specific needs. We are able to determine and assess your needs by using specific measuring devices to determine the arch and bone structure of your feet. From there casts are made from your feet in order for us to fully customize your supports that will hold your feet in their proper position and perfect alignment providing you with comfort and relief.

When it comes to alleviating foot, leg or back pain a wait time of 2-3 weeks can seem like an eternity – which is what you will encounter from other stores offering similar products. Not at Simply Feet. All of our products are manufactured on site eliminating the long wait time and reducing it down to just 1-5 days. Just think, you can be walking around free from pain in just a few days.

Our goal here at Simply Feet is to provide you with the best and most complete environment for a healthier foundation leading to a stronger, better aligned, and more balanced body.

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Needs Evaluation

By offering you a free “Needs Evaluation” we are able to provide you solutions that are tailored made to your specific needs.

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Quality Guaranteed!

All of our products carry a 1 year “modifications and adjustments” policy that guarantees long-lasting pain relief and foot comfort.

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