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When it comes to offering custom-made orthotics and arch supports, questions can and do arise. We have compiled a lit of several of the more Frequently Asked Questions to help aid you in your understanding of our services. Of course, should you have any other questions not listed please do not hesitate to contact us direct by calling (520) 399-1365 or send us your question via the Contact Us page.

Q: How much do Orthotics and Supports cost?

A: We offer our One Year Orthotic Therapy Program, which includes evaluation, education, fabrication, dispensing and one full year of follow up for adjustments, for only $400.

Q: Do your products offer any type of a Guarantee?

A: All custom-made products are made specifically to your feet and the problems they may have. In order to ensure the comfort and relief, the orthotics are meant to provide; our custom-made orthotics carry a 6 month maintenance plan which includes adjustments and modifications during that time frame to ensure comfort and pain relief.  If a problematic orthotic is unable to be adjusted for comfort or correction of a foot problem, that orthotic will be remade within 6 months from the time of the orthotic being dispensed.

Custom-Made Orthotics have a 3-4 year lifespan.

Q: Are you qualified to offer such a specialized service?

A: Yes. Our founder Anthony Allen is a Board Certified Pedorthist with over 19+ years of experience helping 10,000′s of local customers and patients, as well as those who come from out of town and other states, obtain the comfort and pain-free results they were looking for by correcting the problems with his Custom-Made Orthotics as well as being educated on the problem and creating a plan that will give the best chance of creating a supportive and pain-free situation for the customer or patient.

Q: Should I see a Doctor first before I come to you for an evaluation and fitting?

A: As we are not Medical Doctors we do not diagnose, prescribe nor offer surgical procedures. If you feel you are in need of a medical diagnosis it is recommended that you see a licensed physician. If you have had recent surgery, are a diabetic, or have insensate feet it is our recommendation that you inform your doctor and obtain his/her approval before ordering our products.

Q: Do you offer any Discounts or Special Offers?

A: Yes. If a customer buys one pair of orthotics at the regular price, they will be able to buy additional sets of orthotics at $150 off the regular pricing on the same day. After the initial purchase day, the customer may buy any additional orthotics at $100 off the regular price within a 6-month period from the initial purchase date of the orthotics. After 6 months, your feet change enough where it is recommended that you get cast again if you would like to purchase an additional pair of orthotics.

Q: How long is the process to get a pair of Custom-Made Orthotics?

The first step is setting up an appointment for an evaluation. The evaluation process typically takes about 30-40 minutes and includes measurements of foot size, static-gait (standing) analysis, pedograph (pressure-mapped footprints to check weight-distribution, hot sports, alignment, and arch definition), making an impression of the foot for plaster cast, and education with questions and answers. After purchase, it will take approximately 2-5 days to fabricate. The day of pick up (dispensing) will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to make the final trimmings and make sure the orthotics are cut to your footwear for that perfect fit.

Q: What do I have to bring for the first visit?

A: It’s best to bring a few styles of your current footwear so that the Pedorthist knows how to make the orthotics with the proper design to give comfort and relief. If you have current or past orthotics, please bring those as well so that the Pedorthist considers necessary support that you may have gotten used to or that you need for past or current problems.

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