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Established in 2007, Simply Feet is a store dedicated to solving foot, leg, and back problems. With 20 years of experience, we have spent the last 14 years fine-tuning our in-depth foot evaluations in order to educate the customers and design and fabricate our custom-made-orthotics. Our custom orthotics are made in-house and designed to reestablish proper foot biomechanics, body alignment, and proper weight distribution in order to solve problems with your feet, which in turn help out your whole body feel better. We take the guesswork out of the problem and give you the best possible solutions for your pain.

About Simply Feet

At Simply Feet we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom made orthotics designed to correct common foot pain, over-pronation, heel and arch pain, heel spurs, flat feet, plantar fasciitis as well as problems resulting from diabetes. Our expertise lies in evaluating and educating our customers by providing comfort/relief solutions.

With our new store located in beautiful Green Valley, AZ in the heart of the Continental Shopping Plaza next to CVS, Simply Feet is a leading orthotics manufacturer with many years of experience in the design and production of custom made orthotic shoe inserts and devices as well as providing several over-the-counter options as well.

Our products are the result of many years of research and product trials. For our product development, we use the latest technology and highest quality, designed to provide the wearer with maximum walking comfort and foot pain relief. We are the only store in Tucson and the surrounding areas to make our own orthotics in house using the most comprehensive casting & fabrication methods available.

Winner of the Green Valley New Business of the Year Award Simply Feet is your one-stop shop for foot pain relief. Call us today to schedule your free evaluation
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Meet The Team

Anthony Allen - Cped/Owner

Certified Pedorthist

(520) 399•1365


The founder and owner of Simply Feet and inventor of our Custom-Made Orthotics. An ABCOP Certified Pedorthist with experience in CAD/CAM for Fabricating Foot Orthoses (Orthotics). Over 2 decades of experience helping tens of thousands of customers and patients like you alleviate your foot pain and find the precise comfort you are looking for. Has a passion to improve the quality of life for his family, friends and to those who need it.

“Every moment you live is a miracle that should be enjoyed, that is the meaning of life”
~ Anthony Allen, C. Ped.

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By offering you a free “Needs Evaluation” we are able to provide you with solutions that are tailored made to you and your specific needs.

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All of our products carry a 1 year “modifications and adjustments” policy that guarantees long-lasting pain relief and foot comfort.

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